Feasting and Farewells


THE GOATS had a job up in twin peaks last week, which meant they got to clear lots of brambly bushes, pompous grass, and wild radishes. The only snafu was getting the truck stuck in the mud at the railyard on the morning we were dropping them off. to get it out, we tried unhitching the trailer, layering the ground with wood chips and boards, pressing the gas and pushing. However, the wheels spun out, 6 inches deep by then into ground soft from rains, so we got another truck to pull us out.

Kacie at Twin Peaks job

This was our last job with the 9 original Boers. The wethers were sold to a farm south of sf. The 50 remaining goats are much more trustworthy when it comes to respecting electric fences. younger and smaller, they are bulking up with winter coats.

Carla and Kacie with young goats