Free Goat Health Workshop & Volunteer Work Day

The City Grazing goats are due for some basic health care, so we thought this would provide a good learning opportunity for anyone who’d like to help! Goats aren’t the tin can eating animals of old cartoons – their diets and needs are complex, presenting unique challenges to those who choose to raise them. This workshop will go over the very basics of goat health, and is geared toward those who have no prior experience. Anyone wanting to volunteer to work with the goats may email me at

The workshop will start with a discussion of the following topics:

- Getting to Know Goats (terminology, anatomy, digestion)
- Prevention as the best form of health care (nutrition, management practices, vaccinations)
- Basic Diagnostics
- Overview of common illnesses
- Internal parasites
- Safe handling practices for you and your goat

Hands-on learning opportunities include:

- Proper goat handling techniques
- Giving injections
- Drenching with dewormer
- “Toothing” – determining a goat’s age by their front teeth
- Hoof trimming
- Helping us create & update medical records

The workshop will take place in the field at 100 Cargo Way in the Bayview district of San Francisco. Please wear comfortable clothing that you won’t mind getting dirty and good shoes. Hope to see you then!