King of the Mountain and High Hoops


These warm days are great for taking the goats out. Today they played King of the Mountain on some rubble. We saw a shiny emerald hummingbird in the fennel stalks and two red-tailed hawks circling the concrete piles and lights. Poppies are popping and the sourgrass flowers add some color to the goats forage as well.

HORRAY FOR BARN RAISING …. AND WELDING! The guys who work at the Railroad have made a lot of progress in the last few weeks getting the new site of the goat pen ready. Designed by ReBar, the structure is combines a shipping container and a high hoop-house top to centralize the herd’s shelter, hay storage, and other official goat herding business. We dream of electricity in our ‘barn,’ cozy stalls for the goats, and maybe even a surface to put down our coffees that’s not covered in hay. Just west of the site is the long stretch of land for browsing, so once we make the move, the goats won’t have to scurry around the maze of rail cars, tracks, and lumber piles when we take them out. Also, a friend is keeping bees out that-a-way.