The Running of the Goats


Right in the southeast sector of San Francisco near the waterfront, 28 adorable goats have become proud mamas, with most of them birthing twins. That’s right, in one of America’s largest cities, at the Port of San Francisco, there’s an industrious herd of almost 100 goats. They’ve been seen working hard to eradicate poison oak near the Presidio Gates, busily eating away invasive blackberry bushes in Bernal Heights, and happily removing ivy and weeds in residential back yards throughout the Bay Area.

City Grazing proudly announces the birth of 50 baby goats from 28 mothers over the past month. Twenty does (mothers) had twins, one had triplets, and seven had singles.


While the cuteness factor will be sky high over the next few months as these new arrivals play amongst themselves, they will soon be called into service to help prevent the impending fire hazard created by California’s worst drought on record. Goats are a useful ecological approach to fire prevention. In San Francisco, they also help to manage overgrown backyards, 3-5 goats at a time. As public awareness grows, so does City Grazing’s business. Our family of goats has evolved from urban backyard landscapers to hillside browsers as the need for natural weed and brush abatement has expanded. If the vegetation is green and growing rapidly from a sudden rain, or if it is dry and brown from lack of rainfall, the demand for goat grazing will be high.


To come photograph or film these urban goats, email City Grazing’s Goat
Whisperer, Genevieve Church:

We’re kidding, and you should see it!