KCBS Covers SF PARKing Day with the Goats of City Grazing


KCBS Radio did a great job telling an urban-spaces story when we helped
SWA Group with their park-let during PARKing Day:

Here is the audio interview!

KCBS radio news – SF PARKing Day with goats 9-2013

ANCHOR: It’s not every day you see goats grazing in San Francisco’s
financial district. Margie Shafer explains the international event
designed to draw attention to quality urban spaces.

Dan Affleck, SWA: So everything here is edible. We have hay, grass,
fennel, manzanita, all types of things goats like to eat.

KCBS: That’s Dan Affleck, with SWA landscape architects, a company well
known for creating the living roof on the Academy of Sciences in Golden
Gate Park.

Dan: We specialize in urban design, so the whole idea here was to bring
the agricultural environment into the city, and make people more aware
of their surroundings.

KCBS: The goats are courtesy of City Grazing in the Bayview district
that provides grazing services. Genevieve Church is City Grazing

Genevieve Church: We do a lot of hillside backyards, a lot of hillier
neighborhoods in San Francisco. You don’t want to take it out by hand
but goats love nothing more than eating your fennel, your ivy, your

KCBS: The goats at this parklet are quite docile, too, not minding the
traffic….. or being petted.