How It Works

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City Grazing’s herd of nearly 100 goats is available year round for weed and brush control, special events, community events, educational opportunities, and even the occasional acting job.

How it Works:

City Grazing specializes in brush and weed removal in back yards and small properties under two acres. We facilitate fire hazard mitigation, invasive weed reduction, blackberry management, and ivy control. We work all over the Bay Area, from Novato to Santa Clara, San Francisco to Walnut Creek, Half Moon Bay to Fremont and everywhere in between.

Our friendly herd loves to eat brush and weeds and works year round. Ivy, blackberry, thistle, fennel and pampas grass are favorites. Their amazing digestion naturally converts unruly unwanted vegetation into little pellets of immediately bioavailable soil nutrients. Grazing reduces fuel loads that cause fires to escalate quickly. Managed annual grazing is an effective way to minimize poison oak and invasive seed-bearing weeds while promoting the health of native perennial species. We find that goats not only do an environmentally beneficial job of converting unwanted weeds into healthy soil, they also bring communities together, create compelling work for people, and inspire us all.

Price depends on property size, location, fencing needs and existing vegetation. We bring you enough goats to eat the vegetation within 5-7 days. We treat every location as a custom project and work with our clients to meet specific needs. The goats stay overnight and require very little maintenance - we'll just need you to provide water and someone to check on the herd on a daily basis.

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Here's what we need to see to give you a quick ballpark estimate:
-The grazing area’s current vegetation
-Any fences on the property
-Any landscaping or trees that need to be protected from the goats

Need goats for an event? Contact us in advance so we can reserve a spot on the calendar for you. We can bring you the perfect goats for your needs, and even put together a presentation that suits your school or organization’s needs.